Top Titles for 2018

Atef Alshaer, editor

The Nakba : Through Palestinian Writers’ Eyes  (Saqi Books, 2018)  Poetry and prose on the Nakba by Palestinian writers over the last seventy years : pre-Nakba, post-Nakba and post-Oslo Accords. Authors include Mahmoud Darwish, Samira Azzam, Fadwa Tuqan and Edward Said, as well as by emerging Palestinian writers.


Nabil Anani (widely exhibited fine artist, born Latroun, resident of Ramallah)

The Art of Memory : Palestine, Landscape and People  (Saqi Books, 2018)  1976-2016 paintings presented and assessed.


Marcello Di Cintio (Canadian journalist)

Pay No Heed to Rockets : Palestine in the Present Tense  (Saqi Books, 2018)  A lyrical travelogue of the author’s meetings with Palestinian writers, poets, librarians, booksellers, readers and literary salon hosts.


Cristina L’Homme (Franco-Chilean biographer)

Untitled book of oral histories with those displaced in the Nakba; to be published in French and Spanish, in Chile and France, with an English edition planned following.


Awad Issa Mansour (Al-Quds Univiersity)

Settler-Colonial State Formation in Palestine : A Comparative Study  (Routledge, 2018)


Miko Peled

Injustice : The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five  (Charlottesville, Virginia : Just World Books, 224 pages, 2018) Publisher’s blurb : ”

In July 2004, federal agents raided the homes of five Palestinian-American families, arresting the five dads. The first trial of the “Holy Land Foundation Five” ended in a hung jury. The second, marked by highly questionable procedures, resulted in very lengthy sentences—for “supporting terrorism” by donating to charities that the U.S. government itself and other respected international agencies had long worked with. In 2013, human rights activist and author Miko Peled started investigating this case. He discussed the miscarriages of justice involved in it with the men’s lawyers and heard from the men’s families about the devastating effects the case had on their lives. He also traveled to the remote federal prison complexes where the men were held, to conduct unprecedentedly deep interviews with them. Injustice traces the labyrinthine course of this case, presenting a terrifying picture of governmental over-reach in post-9/11 America.”


Glen Rangwala

Palestinian Politics in the West Bank and Gaza  (IB Tauris, due for publication, 2021)