Christian Palestinians

Church of Multiplication burned, June 2015  Jerusalem Old City, Christian District (2016) - photo, Dr Salam Fayyad

A growing number of Christian NGOs are involved with Palestinian rights, including the Amos Trust (, World Vision (, Christian Aid (, Embrace the Middle East (, and Open Bethlehem (  These and other organisations provide online resources.


Albert Aghazarian 

Out of Jerusalem?  Christian Voices from the Holy Land  (Palestinian General Delegation to the United Kingdom, 1997)


Bishop Riah Abu El [Palestinian Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem 1998-2007]

Caught in Between : The Story of an Arab-Christian Israeli (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1999)


Andrew Ashdown

The Stones Cry Out : Reflections from Israel and Palestine

(with foreword by Jerusalem Anglican Bishop Riah Abu Elsal; Christians Aware, 2006)


Naim Ateek (aka Naim Stifan Ateek, founder of the Sabeel Liberation Theology Center, Jerusalem)

A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconcilliation (Maryknoll, New York : Orbis Books, 2008)

Holy Land Hollow Jubilee : God, Justice and the Palestinians (Melisende, 1998) [symposium, 1997]

Justice, and Only Justice : A Palestinian Theology of Liberation  (Maryknoll, New York : Orbis Books, 1989)

Naim Ateek, Cedar Duaybis and Maurine Tobin, editors

Challenging Christian Zionism : Theology, Politics, and the Israel-Palestine Conflict(Melisende, 2005)  [symposium, 2004]

Naim Ateek, Mark H. Ellis and Rosemary Radford Ruether, editors

Faith and the Intifada : Palestinian Christian Voices  [symposium] (Maryknoll, New York : Orbis Books, 1992)


Gary M. Burge

Whose Land? Whose Promise ? What Christians are Not Being Told about Israel and the Palestinians 

(Cleveland, Ohio : Pilgrim Press, part of the United Church of Christ / UCC,  2003/2004, 2013)  Wheeton College (Illinois) theologian’s analysis, with a focus on Hebron.


Carole Monica Burnett, editor

Zionism Through Christian Lenses : Ecumenical Perspectives on the Promised Land (Eugene, Oregon : Pickwick Publications, 2014) – authors include the Palestinian Anglican priest, Rev. Naim Ateek, and Palestinian Roman Catholic Sociology Prof. Bernard Sabella.


Michelle U. Campos

Ottoman Brothers : Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Early 20th Century Palestine  (Stanford University Press, 2011)


Mae Elise Cannon (Churches for Middle East Peace), editor :  A Land Full of God : Christian Perspectives on the Holy Land  (Cascade Books, 2017)  Debunks ‘restorationism’ as theologically incorrect.


David Carter  (Middle East Evangelical Concern, Leicester)

Mistaken Identity : Who is Who?  And Why it Matters  (author, 2017)  Publisher’s blurb : “Prompted by an ‘unexpected pilgrimage’ this book seeks to follow the story and understand the identity of God’s people from the garden to The Cross. It examines God’s purpose in calling people for mission. Asking about the people, the land, the promises and the Jewish messiah leads to answers that challenge the accepted tenets of Christian Zionism.”


Elias Chacour

with David Hazard : Blood Brothers : The Dramatic Story of a Palestinian Christian Working for Peace in Israel  (Grand rapids, Michigan : Chosen Books, c.1984; updated edition, Baker Books, 2013)

with Alain Michel; Anthony Harvey, editor : Faith Beyond Despair : Building Hope in the Holy Land  (Canterbury Press, 2011)

with Mary E. Jensen We Belong to the Land : One Man’s Mission to Spread Peace in a Country of Conflict (Marshall Pickering, c.1990 / 1992; updated edition, University of Notre Dame Press, 2000)


Colin Gilbert Chapman  (Islamic Studies at the Near East School of Theology, Beirut)

Whose Holy City?  Jerusalem and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict  – several editions; alternate title : Whose Holy City?  Jerusalem and the Future of Peace in the Middle East (Oxford : Lion, 2004 / Baker, 2005) – Author has written several books on Christianity in the Middle East.

Whose Promised Land ?  The Continuing Crisis over Israel and the Palestinians  (Oxford : Lion, 2002)


Kenneth Cragg (Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem, academic, with numerous books on Christianity and Islam)

The Arab Christian : A History in the Middle East  (Louisville, Kentucky : John Knox Press, 1991 / Mowbray, 1992)

Palestine : The Prize and Price of Zion  (Cassell, 1997)


Marc H. Ellis and Rosemary Radford Ruethereditors

Beyond Occupation : American Jewish, Christian and Palestinian Voices for Peace(Boston : Beacon Press, 1990)


Bishop Riah Abu Elsal [Palestinian Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem 1998-2007]

Caught in Between : The Story of an Arab-Christian Israeli (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1999)


Najwa Qawar Farah 

A Continent Called Palestine : One Woman’s Story (Triangle, 1996) Focus on Christian women, including themes of Nazareth life, parenting, Palestinian exile, and threat to the region’s Christian community. Foreword by Gareth Hewitt (Director of Amos Trust)


HM Foreign Office

The Christian Communities in Jerusalem 1948-1967 (Foreign & Commonwealth Office, 1978)


Arthur Gish

Hebron Journal : Stories of Nonviolent Peacemaking  (Herald Press, 2001)  – Author’s work with Christian Peacemaker Teams.


Dr. Mary Grey

The Spirit of Peace : Pentecost and Affliction in the Middle East  (Sacristy Press, 2015)


Noah Haiduc-Dale (History Dept., Centenary College, New Jersey)

Arab Christians in British Mandate Palestine (Edinburgh University Press, 2013)  An important book that tracks the history of Palestine’s Arab Christians and their Palestinian nationalism, 1917-1948, that both identities were not contradictory.  Deep microhistory of the the widening Husayni and Nashashibi factionalism. “Haiduc-Dale offers a chronological history of Palestinian politics that focuses on the particular role in each stage of Christians, whose narratives have often been marginalized or essentialized. In the process, he offers a comprehensive and easy to follow guide to key landmarks in the development of the Palestinian national movement more generally.” – Liora Halperin, International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies


Garth Hewitt (Canon of St George’s Anglican Church, Jerusalem, singer, and head of the Amos Trust)

Occupied Territories : The Revolution of Love from Bethlehem to the Ends of the Earth (USA: InterVarsity Press [note : not IVP UK], 2014)

Bethlehem Speaks : Voices from the Little Town Cry Out  (SPCK, 2008)

Pilgrims and Peacemakers : A Journey Towards Jerusalem  (BRF – Bible Reading Fellowship, 1996)

Numerous other books and recordings. 


Institute for Palestine Studies

The Judaization of Jerusalem, 1967-1972 (Beirut : Institute for Palestine Studies / Canterbury : World Conference of Christians for Peace, 1972)


Kathleen Kern

As Resident Aliens : Christian Peacemaker Teams in the West Bank, 1995-2005 (Eugene, Oregon : Cascade Books, 2010)


Walid Khalidi  (founder of the Institute for Palestine Studies, Beirut, later in Washington DC, and then Boston, Massachusetts)

Islam, the West, and Jerusalem (Washington DC : Center for Contemporary Arab Studies & Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University, 1996)

Christians, Zionism and Palestine: A Selection of Articles and Statements on the Religious and Political Aspects of the Palestine Problem  [Anthology Series no. 4] (Beirut : Institute for Palestine Studies, 1970)


Sahar Khalifeh  (Nablus native, on faculty of University of Florida)

The Image, the Icon, and the Covenant (translated by Aida Bamia; Cairo : American University in Cairo Press, 2007)  FICTION – From Publisher’s Weekly : In the mid-1960s, Ibrahim, a Palestinian-Muslim school teacher with literary ambitions, takes a job in a small Jordanian village and falls in love with Mariam, a Christian raised in Brazil who has returned to her home village. The problem with this love affair, as Ibrahim realizes in the retrospective voice that dominates the novel, is that he has loved his image of Mariam and has never understood her as a real person. Reality intrudes, however, when Mariam becomes pregnant: Ibrahim is paralyzed by the difficulties a Muslim-Christian marriage presents, and jealous of Mariam’s prior adoration of a Brazilian priest. His growing commitment to Palestinian liberation after the 1967 war allows him to justify his return. When he returns to Jordan in 2000—a wealthy, twice-divorced and disillusioned secular Arab—he becomes obsessed with finding Mariam and his unknown son. The title’s complexities mirror those of this fugue-like novel, which finds Ibrahim cycling among versions of himself and of Mariam. As Ibrahim’s realizations pile up, their irreconcilability becomes a delicate and powerful allegory for Middle Eastern conflict. Palestinian novelist Khalifeh (Wild Thorns), who won the 2006 Naguib Mahfouz medal for literature, offers a challenging take on vexing territory.


Samuel J. Kuruvilla

Radical Christianity in Palestine and Israel : Liberation and Theology in the Middle East (IB Tauris, 2013)


Edwar Makhoul

The Role of Arab Christians in the Palestinian National Movement (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2017)  Publisher’s blurb : “The Book is about the History of the Palestinian Christians in the Palestinian National Movement during the 19th and the 20th century in regard to Arab Nationalism, Holy Land, Muslim-Christian relations in Palestine, Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This work is about the unknown important part and role of Palestinian Arabic Speaking Christians in the Palestinian Nationalism in Regard to Zionism and Arab-Israeli Conflict as well as the Jewish-Arab relations from 1881-2005. This work covers all the History and the importance of the Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land in the Modern Middle East- Israel and Palestine.”


Bruce Masters

Christians and Jews in the Ottoman Arab World : The Roots of Sectarianiam  (Cambridge University Press, 2004)


Ibrahim Nasrallah  (Palestinian author-poet-teacher-journalist-translator-painter…)

A Time of White Horses (زمن الخيول البيضاء / ابراهيم نصر الل, 2007 / translated by Nancy Roberts (American University in Cairo Press, 634pp, 2012)  FICTION – The narrative is a lengthy sweep of Ottomania gradually getting replaced by Ziomania leading to the Nakba.   But there’s more than a political focus on the Palestinian struggle.  One recurring theme is land theft, by agents of the Ottoman rule, the church, the Mandate Government, other Arab Palestinians, and of course the Zionists themselves.  Villains come from all ethnic backgrounds, but occasional, impressive generosity shines through the tragedies, even though the good side of human spirit doesn’t change the outcome of the Arab village.  The victims hold on to their identity, despite offers to cash it in for free tickets to someone else’s show.


Anthony O’Mahony

-as editor : Christianity and Jerusalem : Studies in Modern Theology and Politics in the Holy Land (Leominster : Gracewing / Gardners Books, 2010)

-as editor : Palestinian Christians : Religion, Politics and Society in the Holy Land (Melisende, 2004)

-as editor : The Christian Communities of Jerusalem and the Holy Land : Studies in History, Religion and Politics   (University of Wales Press, 2003)


Michael Prioreditor, with foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Speaking the Truth : Zionism, Israel and the Occupation  (Northampton, Massachusetts : Olive Branch Press, 2005)  Michael Prior : Zionism and the Challenge of Historical Truth and Morality /  Rosemary & Herman Ruether : Zionism, Christianity and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict / Ilan Pappé : State of Denial : The Nakbah in Israeli History and Today / Daniel McGowan : Why We Remember Deir Yassin / Rev. Stephen Sizer : The International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem : A Case Study in Political Christian Zionism / Peter Miano : Mainstream Christian Zionism / Duncan Macpherson : Politics and Multi-Faith in the Holy Land : A Challenge for Christians / Jean Zaru : Theologising, Truth and Peacemaking in the Palestinian Experience /  Paul Eisen : Speaking the Truth to Jews / Nasser Aruri : The Right of Return and its Detractors / Betsy Barlow : Waking the Sleeping Giant


Mitri Raheb, editor

Palestinian Identity in Relation to Time and Space  (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014) – 14 authors emphasising the role of Christianity and religion in general, in forming identity.

Mitri Raheb & Fred Strickert, with photography by Garo Nalbandian and introduction by Yassir Arafat

Bethlehem 2000  (Northampton, Massachusetts : Interlink Publications, 1999)


Laura Robson (Portland State University)

-as editor : Minorities and the Modern Arab World : New Perspectives  (Syracuse University Press, 2016) – includes the editor’s own chapter : Arab Christians in Twentieth Century Palestine

Colonialism and Christianity in Mandate Palestine  (University of Texas Press, 2011)  Author argues that the British transformed Muslim, Christian, and Jewish religious identities into legal categories, ultimately marginalising the Christians.


Bernard Sabella (Bethlehem University / Middle East Council of Churches)

A Life Worth Living : The Story of a Palestinian Catholic (Eugene, Oregon : Resource Publications / Wipf & Stock, 2017).  Carole Monica Burnett, editor. Publisher’s blurb : “Palestinian Christian, offers an enlightening, often humorous, personal narrative accompanied by reflections on lessons learned from his life in a conflict zone. Displaced from his home in infancy with his refugee family and educated in Jerusalem’s Old City before pursuing university studies in the US, he blossomed into a committed educator, scholar, member of the Palestinian Parliament, and director of a church aid agency. Throughout his life Dr. Sabella has never lost his focus on the goal of promoting peace through understanding, and he has never been diverted from his path of absolute nonviolence. A Life Worth Living speaks with a voice worth listening to, alternately anecdotal and analytical, touching our hearts while pondering the past, present, and future of the Holy Land.”

with Mitri Rehab, editor,and contributors Varsen Aghabekian, Jamil Rabah, Hadeel Fawadleh Palestinian Christians – Emigration, Displacement and Diaspora  (CreateSpace/the authors, 2017)  Publisher’s blurb : “This book contains the findings of the latest research and studies conducted by Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture in 2017. The first chapter crystalizes four waves of Christian emigration from Palestine within the last century. The second chapter contains the results of an emigration survey conducting in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip mid-2017; a first study of its kind that includes both Christians and Muslim Palestinians. The third chapter looks at the situation of the Palestinian Christian emigrants in the diaspora comparing their conditions in Jordan to that in the United States of America. The last chapter looks at the responses of churches, church-related organizations and European agencies to the challenge of emigration. This book is an important tool for researchers as well as all who are interested in the situation of the Christians in Palestine.)

with Afif Safieh and Albert Aghazarian Out of Jerusalem?  Christian Voices from the Holy Land  (Palestinian General Delegation to the United Kingdom, 1997)


Rev. Stephen Sizer

Zion’s Christian Soldiers?  The Bible, Israel and the Church  (Nottingham : InterVarsity Press, 2007)

Christian Zionism : Roadmap to Armageddon?  (Nottingham : Inter-varsity, 2004)

A Panorama of the Bible Lands  -alternate title : A Panorama of the Holy Land – with photographs by Jon Arnold (Guildford : Eagle Press, 1998 / 2000)


Hassan Bin Talal (HRH El Hassan Bin Talal / Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)

Christianity in the Arab World  –foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales (SCM Press, 1998)


Barbara Victor

A Voice of Reason : Hanan Ashwari and Peace in the Middle East (Harcourt Brace, 1994)

Also published as Hanan Ashwari : A Passion for Peace (Fourth Estate, 1995) Anglican Christian who was the first woman elected to the Palestinian National Council.


Donald E. Wagner

Dying in the Land of Promise : Palestine and Palestinian Christianity from the Pentecost to 2000 (Melisende, 2001, 2003 / 2nd ed. Fox Publications, 2004)

Anxious for Armageddon : A Call to Partnership for Middle East and Western Christians  with foreword by Elias Chacour (Scottsdale, Pennsylvania : Herald Press, 1996)

as co-editor, with Walter T. Davis 

Zionism and the Quest for Peace in the Holy Land  (Eugene, Oregon : Pickwick Publications, 2014)


Alain Epp Weaver

Mapping Exile and Return : Palestinian Dispossession and a Political Theory for a Shared Future (Fortress Press, 2014)  Note : Christian Palestinians and the author’s bi-national vision for Palestine.


Raed Zanoon & Julie-Anne Skyley

Escaping Gaza : Raed Zanoon the Peace Seeker  (O-Books, due April 2016) Personal story of Gazan Christian’s escape to Darwin.